Drowning 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Drowning 2019

Drowning is a deeply emotional and thought-provoking film that will leave you feeling heavy-hearted long after the credits have rolled. Director Melora Walters has crafted a powerful story that explores themes of grief, loss, and self-discovery.

The plot follows Charlie (played by Walters), a middle-aged woman who is struggling to come to terms with the death of her son several years ago. As she navigates through her complicated emotions, she meets a troubled young man named Josh (played by Gil Bellows) who forces her to confront some uncomfortable truths about herself.

The acting in this film is exceptional, with both Walters and Bellows delivering nuanced performances that feel raw and authentic. The chemistry between the two actors is palpable, making their connection as characters all the more compelling.

Walters also does an excellent job with the direction of this film. The pacing is deliberate and allows for each scene to unfold at its own pace, without feeling rushed or forced. The score perfectly complements the mood of each scene, adding depth and emotion to an already poignant story.

One of the standout features of this film is its stunning cinematography. Every shot feels carefully crafted and visually arresting, particularly scenes set against breathtaking natural landscapes like lakeshores and forests.

Overall, Drowning succeeds in capturing a complex range of emotions with honesty and sensitivity. While it may not be an easy watch for everyone due to its heavy subject matter, those who do choose to brave it will be rewarded with a profoundly moving cinematic experience that lingers long after it’s over.

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Release : 2019-10-29

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 82

Home Page :

Company : Potato Eater Productions, Room In The Sky Films, Eight Trick Pony

Cast : Melora Walters as Rose, Gil Bellows as Frank, Mira Sorvino as Mary, Jay Mohr as Henry, Steven Swadling as Giovanni

The Drowning – Official Trailer (HD) official trailer

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