Dream Killer 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Dream Killer 2019

Dream Killer is a gripping and heart-wrenching documentary that tells the astonishing true story of Ryan Ferguson, a young man who was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 10 years in prison before finally being exonerated. The film delves deep into the case, exploring the questionable evidence and biased investigation that led to Ryan’s wrongful conviction.

One of the standout elements of Dream Killer is its cast of unforgettable characters. From Ryan himself, who displays incredible strength and resilience throughout his ordeal, to his passionate father Bill who never gave up on his son’s innocence, each person involved in this story brings their own unique perspective and emotional weight to the narrative.

Director Andrew Jenks does an exceptional job of weaving together interviews with key players in the case alongside stunning reenactments that bring the events to life. The result is a film that feels both immediate and intimate. Jenks also deserves praise for his skillful pacing; despite its heavy subject matter, Dream Killer never feels sluggish or dull.

The score by composer Nathan Whitehead adds an eerie sense of foreboding to the film’s many suspenseful moments. Meanwhile, cinematographer Zachary Galler captures both the starkness of prison life and the lush beauty of Missouri’s landscape with equal skill.

Dream Killer isn’t without its flaws; at times it feels too focused on building tension rather than fully exploring certain aspects of Ryan’s case. Additionally, some may find fault with how much time is dedicated to Ferguson family drama versus analysis of legal issues surrounding these kinds cases as well as police corruption.

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Yet overall Dream Killer succeeds remarkably as both a thrilling legal drama and a heartbreaking human story about one man’s fight for justice against a corrupt system. This powerful documentary will leave you feeling outraged yet inspired by what can be accomplished through determination against adversity.#

Release : 2019-04-25

Genre : Thriller, TV Movie

Runtime : 89

Home Page :

Company : Concord Films

Cast : Christy Carlson Romano as Grace Rodson, Jacy King as Ellen Oakens, Carson Rowland as Bailey, Brian Gross as Devin Warlow, Mia Matthews as Principal Lin

Dream/Killer Official Trailer 1 (2015) – Documentary HD official trailer

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