Coming Home Again 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Coming Home Again 2019

Coming Home Again is a poignant and touching drama that tells the story of a Korean American son who returns home as he tries to take care of his cancer-stricken mother. The movie, released in 2019, was directed by Wayne Wang and is based on a personal essay by Chang-rae Lee.

The movie is beautifully shot, with each frame capturing the essence of family, love, sacrifice and loss. Justin Chon gives an exceptional performance as Chang-rae Lee – the son who struggles to save his mother while dealing with personal issues.

The film highlights the struggles that many families face when caring for loved ones battling terminal illnesses. As Chang-rae spends endless nights tending to his mother, he confronts painful memories from his childhood that have shaped him into the person he has become.

Throughout the movie, we are given glimpses into vibrant Korean traditions such as cooking kimchi stew and preparing ancestral rituals; these scenes help to portray how these customs can provide solace during times of crisis.

While Coming Home Again may not be action-packed or filled with suspenseful plot twists – it doesn’t need any of those things. Instead, it packs an emotional punch that will leave viewers reflecting on their own experiences with family members facing illness.

In conclusion, Coming Home Again is a beautiful tribute to families everywhere who are struggling through difficult times. It’s an excellent portrayal of how love conquers all in both life’s happiest and saddest moments. Highly recommend!

Release : 2019-09-07

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Genre : Drama

Runtime : 86

Home Page :

Company : Center for Asian American Media Production

Cast : Justin Chon, Jackie Chung, Christina July Kim, John Lie, Leesa Kim

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