Colewell 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Colewell 2019

Colewell is a delicate and poignant film that tells the story of Nora, a woman who has dedicated 35 years of her life as the postmaster in Colewell, a small town in Pennsylvania. When the United States Postal Service announces its closure, she faces an uncertain future and reflects on her past.

The plot of Colewell may seem simple, but it is beautifully constructed to capture subtle details about life in a small town where people know each other well. The director, Tom Quinn, has done an excellent job by creating an immersive atmosphere that makes us feel like we are a part of Colewell.

Karen Allen’s portrayal of Nora is wonderfully nuanced and restrained. She plays her role with such sincerity and vulnerability that we cannot help but feel for this woman who has become so attached to her community. Her interactions with the other characters are authentic and naturalistic. The chemistry between Allen and Kevin J. O’Connor (who plays Walt) is particularly moving.

The cinematography by Wyatt Garfield deserves special mention for capturing the beauty of rural Pennsylvania during different seasons with such precision and elegance. The score composed by Daniel Belardinelli complements the mood perfectly by creating an ambiance that feels both melancholic and hopeful at times.

The central theme of loss runs through Colewell like a thread, reminding us about how quickly things can change in life. The idea may seem depressing initially but it is delivered with enough grace to make you appreciate why moving on from loss can be beautiful too.

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There were some minor flaws – certain scenes felt slightly stretched out – but overall they didn’t detract from what was essentially an emotionally resonant film experience.

In summary, Colewell is an understated gem that speaks volumes without being dramatic or flashy; it’s one which invites introspection while also acknowledging life’s inherent cycles. It will stay with you long after you’ve watched it- evoke memories long forgotten or question your own attachments to places or people. Highly recommended!

Release : 2019-04-13

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 79

Home Page :

Company : Washington Square Films, Wavelength

Cast : Karen Allen as Nora, Kevin J. O’Connor as Charles, Daniel H. Jenkins as Al Catarro, Hannah Gross as Ella, Craig Walker as Bob Susskind

COLEWELL Trailer (2019) Karen Allen Drama Movie official trailer

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