Cliffs of Freedom 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Cliffs of Freedom 2019

As a movie critic, I had the pleasure of watching the epic historical drama, Cliffs of Freedom. Set during the Greek War for Independence in the early 1800s, this film takes us on a thrilling journey through love, suffering and sacrifice.

One of the strongest aspects of this film is its compelling plot. The story revolves around Anna (Tania Raymonde), a young Greek woman who dreams of freedom and falls in love with Tariq (Jan Uddin), an Ottoman officer. Their forbidden romance is tumultuous and bittersweet as they navigate their loyalty to their respective countries amidst political unrest.

The acting in Cliffs of Freedom is outstanding, with each actor bringing depth and complexity to their characters. Tania Raymonde delivers an emotionally charged performance as Anna; her passion for freedom igniting every scene she’s in. Jan Uddin portrays Tariq with nuance and sincerity; his internal struggle palpable throughout the film.

Director Van Ling skillfully guides us through this turbulent time period while showcasing Greece’s natural beauty through breathtaking cinematography that captures both intimate moments between characters and epic battle scenes.

The score by George Kallis perfectly complements each scene with its haunting melodies that add depth to emotional moments.

Production design was also impressive – elaborate costumes transported us back to an era long past while detailed sets immersed us into a world at war.

In terms of special effects, there were moments where it was clear that CGI was used but it didn’t detract from the overall story being told or take away from pivotal dramatic scenes throughout the film.

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The pacing could have been tighter – some scenes dragged longer than necessary which stretched out what could have been condensed into a two-hour runtime rather than nearly two-and-a-half hours long movie potentially making some viewers restless near end but it’s not entirely terrible

Overall, Cliffs of Freedom is an emotionally resonant masterpiece that shines light on Greece’s fight for freedom. It highlights the power of love in times of war and the sacrifices individuals make while fighting for their beliefs. Though it might be too long for some, this is a film worth seeing.

Release : 2019-03-01

Genre : History, Drama

Runtime : 137

Home Page :

Company : Fin Design & Effects

Cast : Christopher Plummer as Thanasi, Billy Zane as Christo, Tania Raymonde as Anna Christina, Lance Henriksen as Old Demetri, Raquel Cassidy as Christina Vakrinos

CLIFFS OF FREEDOM | Official HD Trailer 2019 | CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER | Film Threat Trailers official trailer

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