Christmas at the Chateau 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Christmas at the Chateau 2019

As we approach the holiday season, there’s nothing quite like curling up with a heartwarming Christmas movie. One such film that makes for perfect festive viewing is “Christmas at the Chateau”, directed by Michael Lembeck.

At its core, this movie tells the story of two sisters, Isabella and Tilly, who inherit their family’s French chateau just in time for Christmas. As they prepare to sell the property and move on with their lives, they find themselves unexpectedly drawn back to each other – and to the magic of the holiday season.

The acting in this film is top-notch, with Elisabeth Harnois as Isabella and Summer Spiro as Tilly delivering nuanced performances that capture both the squabbles and deep bond between siblings. The rest of the cast also shines brightly in their respective roles – including John Schneider as an unexpected guest who shakes things up at the chateau and Catherine Mary Stewart as Isabella’s former flame.

One aspect of “Christmas at the Chateau” that really stood out to me was its stunning cinematography. The chateau itself is a character in its own right, with sweeping views of its grand halls and beautiful gardens serving as a feast for viewers’ eyes. Meanwhile, scenes set against snowy landscapes are simply breathtaking.

While some may argue that this movie follows a predictable plotline (think Hallmark Channel-style romance set against a picturesque backdrop), I found myself truly invested in these characters’ stories – particularly as they grapple with difficult decisions about family ties versus personal ambition.

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For those seeking a cozy Christmas flick that leaves you feeling warm inside long after credits roll, I highly recommend “Christmas at the Chateau”.

Release : 2019-11-04

Genre : Romance

Runtime : 98

Home Page :

Company : Clearlight Entertainment, Blue Mountain Productions

Cast : Kinsey Leigh Redmond as Brooke Phipps, Justen Jones as Grant Ogden, Jeffrey Staab as Benjamin Phipps, Steve Marks as Mr. Velorski, Chad Crenshaw as Douglas

On Location – Chateau Christmas – Hallmark Channel official trailer

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