Char Man 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Char Man 2019

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If you’re searching for a horror film filled with suspense, then Char Man is worth checking out. This movie follows two friends who embark on a camping trip in the hills of Ojai, California, where they soon encounter terror at the hands of a supernatural being known as the Char Man.

The film is brilliantly shot and features haunting cinematography that creates an eerie atmosphere throughout. The sound design also deserves praise; every crunching twig or distant growl will send shivers down your spine.

What sets Char Man apart from other horror movies is its ability to balance slow-burning tension with intense jump-scares. The movie steadily builds tension while introducing characters with realistic personalities and has smartly placed jump scares that keep you at edge of your seat.

While some elements of the story may seem familiar to horror fans, there are enough twists and turns to keep viewers engaged until its chilling climax. Overall, Char Man is definitely worth watching for those looking for something fresh in this crowded genre.

Release : 2019-01-22

Genre : Horror, Thriller

Runtime : 85

Home Page :

Company : GK & K Productions, MRP Entertainment

Cast : Jeff Kober as Kent Bridewell, Nick Greco as Andy, Kurt Ela as Cameron, Kipp Tribble as Eric, Buddy Wilds as John

CHAR MAN (2019) – Official Trailer official trailer

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