Carol of the Bells 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Carol of the Bells 2019

Carol of the Bells (2019): A Heartfelt Journey of Redemption and Connection”


Greetings, movie enthusiasts! Today, we delve into the touching world of “Carol of the Bells” (2019), a gem of a film that explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, and the power of human connection. Directed by Joey Travolta, this heartfelt movie takes us on an emotional journey, unraveling the complexities of family, love, and acceptance. So, grab a cozy seat and prepare to be swept away by the enchanting story of “Carol of the Bells.”

I. Plot Overview

“Carol of the Bells” tells the story of a young man named Owen, played brilliantly by RJ Mitte, who embarks on a quest to find his birth mother. Owen was born with Down syndrome and was given up for adoption, unaware of his biological roots. With the help of his friend, Al, portrayed by Yuly Mireles, Owen begins a heartwarming and transformative journey to uncover the truth about his past.

II. Authentic Portrayal and Performances

One of the standout aspects of “Carol of the Bells” is its authentic portrayal of individuals with Down syndrome. RJ Mitte’s portrayal of Owen is a testament to his acting prowess and his commitment to accurately representing the experiences of people with disabilities. Mitte brings depth and vulnerability to the character, making Owen relatable and endearing.

The supporting cast also delivers remarkable performances, adding layers of emotion and authenticity to the narrative. Yuly Mireles shines as Al, providing the perfect balance of friendship and support for Owen. The chemistry between the actors creates a genuine connection that tugs at the heartstrings.

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III. Emotional Depth and Themes

At its core, “Carol of the Bells” is a story about redemption and the power of forgiveness. As Owen embarks on his journey to find his birth mother, he encounters obstacles, but also discovers love, understanding, and acceptance along the way. The film beautifully explores the complexities of familial relationships and the healing that comes with forgiveness.

The themes of inclusion and breaking down societal barriers resonate throughout the film. It challenges stereotypes and encourages viewers to see beyond a person’s disabilities, emphasizing the importance of treating everyone with kindness and compassion.

Carol of the Bells 2019

IV. Captivating Storytelling and Direction

Joey Travolta’s direction in “Carol of the Bells” is commendable, as he skillfully guides the audience through a range of emotions. The storytelling is poignant and heartfelt, with moments of joy, sadness, and hope seamlessly interwoven. The pacing allows for character development and provides ample time for viewers to connect with each individual’s journey.

The film’s cinematography captures the essence of the story, with visually appealing shots that evoke emotion. The use of light and color enhances the atmosphere, creating a visually pleasing experience.

V. Impactful Soundtrack and Musicality

The music in “Carol of the Bells” plays a significant role in enhancing the emotional resonance of the film. The titular song, as well as other musical compositions, beautifully underscore pivotal moments, amplifying the feelings conveyed on screen. The score contributes to the overall atmosphere and adds an extra layer of depth to the storytelling.


“Carol of the Bells” is a heartwarming and poignant film that touches the soul. With its authentic performances, powerful themes, and captivating storytelling, it offers a profound exploration of redemption, forgiveness, and the transformative power of human connection. This moving tale challenges stereotypes and encourages viewers to embrace empathy and acceptance. Prepare to be deeply moved by “Carol of the Bells,” an extraordinary film that reminds us of the universal desire for love, understanding, and belonging.

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Release : 2019-10-19

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 100

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Cast : RJ Mitte as Scott Johnson, Yuly Mireles as Karen Johnson, Andrea F. Friedman as Carol Harris, Donna Pescow as Jackie, Donna Mills as Helen Harris

CAROL OF THE BELLS Trailer (2020) RJ Mitte, Drama Movie official trailer

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