Bull 2020 Movie Review

Movie Review: Bull 2020

The movie Bull is a gripping and intense drama that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster from beginning to end. Directed by Annie Silverstein, it tells the story of a troubled teenage girl, Kris, played brilliantly by Amber Havard, who finds solace in the world of rodeo after breaking into the home of an aging bullfighter named Abe (Rob Morgan).

The film tackles some tough themes such as poverty, addiction and loneliness with a rawness and authenticity that is hard to shake off. The acting is superb throughout with Havard totally inhabiting her role as Kris, conveying both her vulnerability and fierce determination with equal measure. Morgan’s portrayal of Abe is equally impressive; he brings a quiet dignity to his character that ultimately makes us care deeply about him.

The cinematography is stunningly beautiful at times, capturing the vastness of Texas’ landscapes while also immersing us in the gritty reality of Kris’ surroundings. The score by Nicolas Becker adds another layer to the film’s emotional tone – it’s haunting yet somehow uplifting.

While there are moments where Bull does slip into some clichéd storytelling tropes, it never feels forced or manipulative. Instead, these moments serve as reminders that despite our differences we share common experiences.

In conclusion,Bull” is a powerful movie that has left me thinking about its characters long after viewing it. It’s a must-see for those seeking films with grit and soulfulness along with superlative performances from its cast.”

Release : 2020-08-03

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 105

Home Page :

Company : 30WEST, Invisible Pictures, Bert Marcus Film

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Cast : Rob Morgan as Abe, Amber Havard as Kris, Sarah Albright as Janis, Steven Boyd as Billy, Troy Hogan as Mike

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