Breaking News in Yuba County 2021 Movie Review

Movie Review: Breaking News in Yuba County 2021

Title: Breaking News in Yuba County: A Darkly Entertaining Chaotic Ride

Genre: Dark Comedy, Crime, Drama

Breaking News in Yuba County ingeniously combines a star-studded cast with an eccentric and twisted plot, resulting in an unexpectedly entertaining experience. Directed by Tate Taylor, known for his work on The Help, this film takes viewers on a rollercoaster ride through the dark underbelly of suburban life.

The plot revolves around Sue Buttons (played marvelously by Allison Janney), a downtrodden wife who craves attention and validation. When her husband mysteriously disappears, she seizes the opportunity to become famous by staging his kidnapping. Chaos ensues as Sue’s plan spirals out of control and attracts the attention of various parties vying for their own personal gain.

The performances in Breaking News in Yuba County are outstanding across the board. Allison Janney delivers an unforgettable portrayal of Sue Buttons — displaying vulnerability, desperation, and humor in equal measure. Her talent shines through as she immerses herself seamlessly into this eccentric character.

Joining Janney is an ensemble cast that impressively complements the film’s dark comedy undertones. Awkwafina excels as Sue’s sister Nancy — providing comedic relief while also unveiling hidden depths to her character. Additionally, Mila Kunis delivers a standout performance as Rayleen (Sue’s stepsister), bringing complexity and emotional resonance to her role.

Tate Taylor skillfully guides viewers through this chaotic narrative tapestry with sharp direction that balances humor with darker themes seamlessly. His ability to maintain pacing ensures that Breaking News never loses momentum or becomes overwhelming despite its plethora of quirky characters and subplots.

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One aspect that truly resonates is the movie’s examination of societal obsession with fame and validation. Through Sue’s desperate pursuit for recognition at any cost, we are confronted with uncomfortable truths about our own desire for notoriety within the digital age.

The clever use of cinematography and production design contributes to the film’s eccentric atmosphere. With vibrant colors and a kitschy aesthetic, Breaking News playfully enhances its dark comedy elements while adding visual interest to the story.

While the special effects and editing in Breaking News are not groundbreaking, they are effective in immersing viewers within this unpredictable world. The occasional use of cleverly placed news clips adds an extra layer of immersion into Sue’s outrageous tale.

The dialogue is snappy and witty; it balances dark humor with genuinely emotional moments that help maintain engagement throughout. However, some scenes feel slightly disjointed or rushed, preventing a seamless flow between subplots that occasionally undermines the otherwise gripping narrative.

In conclusion, Breaking News in Yuba County is an unexpectedly entertaining dark comedy that manages to be both hilarious and poignant. Its outstanding cast delivers captivating performances, complemented by Tate Taylor’s deft direction. Despite minor flaws in pacing and cohesion between subplots, this movie successfully explores themes of fame, obsession, and personal validation while leaving audiences exhilarated yet self-reflective.

Release : 2021-01-28

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Crime

Runtime : 96

Home Page :

Company : Nine Stories Productions, AGC Studios, Wyolah Films

Cast : Allison Janney as Sue Buttons, Mila Kunis as Nancy, Regina Hall as Detective Cam Harris, Awkwafina as Mina, Wanda Sykes as Rita

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BREAKING NEWS IN YUBA COUNTY | Official Trailer | MGM Studios official trailer

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