Breaking Free: An Honest Review of Out of Liberty 2019

Movie Review: Out of Liberty 2019

Out of Liberty is a movie that will take you on a journey through the early years of America and the struggles faced by those who were fighting for their freedom. The story is set in Missouri in 1838, where a group of men are held captive under false charges. The movie takes you on a rollercoaster ride as these men struggle to find their freedom and escape from the harsh conditions they are being subjected to.

The plot is engaging and keeps you hooked from start to finish. It showcases how people’s lives can be turned upside down by just one mistake or false accusation. The characters play their roles perfectly, with each actor bringing out the emotions and struggles of their respective characters brilliantly.

The direction by Garrett Batty deserves special mention for bringing out the intensity and gravity of the situation faced by these men. Batty ensures that every shot has its own significance, whether it’s showcasing an emotional scene or depicting action-packed sequences.

The score complements every scene perfectly, adding depth to each character’s emotions and creating an immersive experience for viewers watching at home. Moreover, cinematography played an important role in portraying every small detail effectively- like how some escapees manage to steal gunpowder.

Production design and special effects create an authentic environment that pulls viewers into Missouri during 1838 effectively – showing its culture at its best as well as it’s worst moments throughout history – conveying struggle through historical sets with great ease while highlighting human desperation accurately.

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Editing ensured that there was not even a single dull moment; dialogues were smartly written to keep the pace sustained without losing any viewer’s attention; this film becomes more than just another western experience — it becomes a tale about humanity’s fight against adversity even when circumstances seem dire.

Overall Out of Liberty presents viewers with visually stunning shots while also packing powerful performances with some enthralling moments throughout – something any history enthusiast shouldn’t miss!

Release : 2019-09-13

Genre : Western, Drama

Runtime : 112

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Cast : Jasen Wade as Samuel Tillery, Brandon Ray Olive as Joseph Smith, Corbin Allred as Porter Rockwell, Adam Johnson as Caleb Baldwin, Casey Elliott as Hyrum Smith

Out Of Liberty – Official Trailer official trailer

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