Bottom of the 9th 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Bottom of the 9th 2019

Bottom of the 9th is a gripping and emotional drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. The movie follows the story of Sonny Stano (played by Joe Manganiello), a former baseball phenom who was once on his way to stardom, but after being convicted of a crime, he finds himself spending 20 years in jail and losing everything he worked for.

When Sonny is finally released, he has to face the harsh reality that his life has completely changed. He has to navigate through a world that no longer recognizes him, with people who have moved on without him. However, his passion for baseball still burns within him and with the help of his old coach (Denis O’Hare) and ex-girlfriend (Sofía Vergara), Sonny attempts to make a comeback and redeem himself in the eyes of everyone who doubted him.

Joe Manganiello delivers an outstanding performance as Sonny Stano, capturing both the pain and hopelessness that comes with being incarcerated for two decades. His scenes with Sofía Vergara are especially captivating as they explore themes such as second chances, forgiveness, love and sacrifice.

The direction by Raymond De Felitta is masterful. He manages to create tension throughout the film while also finding moments of levity when needed. The soundtrack composed by Stephen Endelman is also noteworthy – it amplifies every emotion conveyed in each scene.

Overall Bottom of the 9th is an incredibly moving film with stunning cinematography that successfully explores themes such as redemption, family bonds, second chances while providing commentary about America’s prison system without ever resorting to cliches or cheap plot devices.

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However , there were some minor flaws such as certain scenes could’ve been trimmed down for pacing purposes . Yet this shouldn’t deter anyone from watching it because Bottom Of The 9th delivers where it really counts- its message lingers long after the credits. It’s a poignant reminder that redemption is possible no matter how far gone we may think we are.

Release : 2019-07-19

Genre : Crime, Drama

Runtime : 111

Home Page :

Company : Dead Fish Films, Off the Chart Entertainment, Chartoff Productions

Cast : Joe Manganiello as Sonny Stano, Sofía Vergara as Angela Ramirez, Denis O’Hare as Officer Lonergan, Michael Rispoli as Coach Hannis, Vincent Pastore as Cosmo

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