Bolden 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Bolden 2019

As a movie critic, I had the opportunity to watch the film “Bolden” directed by Dan Pritzker. This movie is a tribute to Buddy Bolden, the African-American cornetist who was one of the founding fathers of jazz music.

The plot of “Bolden” revolves around Bolden’s life, from his childhood in New Orleans until his decline into madness. The story unfolds through flashbacks as an old man recounts his memories to a journalist. The movie does an excellent job in describing the harsh realities of African-American life during that time period, including racism and poverty.

The acting in this film is remarkable as well, especially Gary Carr’s portrayal of Buddy Bolden. He perfectly captures Bolden’s charisma and energy while also showing vulnerability and pain beneath that confident exterior. The supporting cast also delivers outstanding performances, particularly Ian McShane as Judge Perry and Yaya DaCosta as Nora.

The direction by Dan Pritzker is phenomenal. He manages to capture New Orleans’ scenery beautifully while making use of vibrant colors in each scene. Additionally, he makes sure every detail – sound design included – is perfect throughout every second on screen.

I cannot mention what made me feel so much better concerning this film without mentioning Scott Billups’ cinematography work which is simply spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful throughout the whole picture.

Nonetheless, there are parts where things slow down considerably to cover some backstory or character development that would have been more effective if done differently – possibly editing these parts could make them less intrusive on pace-and-plot flow– but it doesn’t entirely take away from everything else about this movie experience!

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In conclusion, “Bolden” presents audiences with a vibrant celebration of jazz music while also portraying an unforgettable story about human resilience against all odds. Despite some minor shortcomings towards its pacing at times—this film exhibits what makes cinema so powerful: Its ability to evoke deep emotions within us all.

Release : 2019-05-03

Genre : Drama, Music

Runtime : 108

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Cast : Gary Carr as Buddy Bolden, Michael Rooker as Pat McMurphy, Ian McShane as Judge Perry, Yaya DaCosta as Nora Bolden, Ser’Darius Blain as Willie Cornish

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