Attack of the Meth Gator Movie Review

Movie Review: Attack of the Meth Gator

As a movie critic, I had the unfortunate task of sitting through Attack of the Meth Gator. From start to finish, this film was a complete disaster. The plot was nonsensical and lacked any real substance. It followed a group of characters as they attempted to save their town from a mutated alligator that had been exposed to methamphetamine.

The acting and characters were equally atrocious. The performances were wooden and lacked any real emotion or depth. The dialogue was laughable at best, with cringe-worthy one-liners that only served to highlight how poorly written the script was.

The direction and editing were also subpar. Scenes dragged on for far too long, with no real purpose or payoff. And when those scenes did finally reach their conclusion, the editing felt choppy and disjointed.

Perhaps the only redeeming aspect of Attack of the Meth Gator was its production design and special effects – but even those fell short in comparison to other films in the genre.

Overall, I cannot recommend this film to anyone – not even fans of cheesy B-movies will find enjoyment in it. Save yourself an hour and a half (and potentially irreparable brain damage) by avoiding this disaster at all costs.

Release :

Genre : Horror, Science Fiction

Runtime : 0

Home Page :

Company : The Asylum

Cast : Ray Acevedo as Bithlo, Tristen Amason as Twain, Christopher Applegate as Rick, Arlene Lagos as Skyler, Gus Langley as Tucker

Attack of the Meth Gator is coming from Asylum! official trailer

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