Art of Deception 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Art of Deception 2019

The Art of Deception, directed by Richard Ryan and starring Anzu Lawson and Micah Fitzgerald, is a spy thriller that has some captivating scenes but ultimately falls short due to its predictable plot.

The movie follows the story of an ex-CIA agent turned art dealer named Cris Johnson (Micah Fitzgerald) who gets entangled in a conspiracy involving stolen artwork. Along the way, he meets Langley (Anzu Lawson), a CIA agent assigned to the case. Together they try to unravel the web of deceit and catch the perpetrators.

One thing that stands out in this movie is its cinematography and production design. The camera work is commendable, with some thrilling chase sequences and fights that are well choreographed. The film’s color palette matches its theme well – dark shades of black and blue give it almost a noir feel which adds intrigue to the film’s ambiance.

Acting-wise, both Fitzgerald and Lawson deliver sound performances. They have good chemistry on-screen, making their characters believable as partners trying to solve a high-stakes case. Their dialogue is sharp at times but plummets with some cringy lines that make one question if it’s meant to be funny or not.

However, what disappointed me most about this spy thriller was how predictable it was. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-pumping action flick, you might feel let down by Art of Deception. Everything feels like it’s been done before in previous movies such as Mission Impossible or Jason Bourne franchise without adding any fresh perspectives.

In conclusion, Art of Deception may not be groundbreaking cinema but packs enough entertainment value for audiences looking for a quick escape from reality with elements such as espionage intrigue mixed with action sequences delivered by decent production values made all too familiar if you are fans of spy thrillers like me!

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Release : 2019-10-08

Genre : Action, Thriller

Runtime : 96

Home Page :

Company : Ox Films

Cast : Richard Ryan as Joseph Markham, Jackie Nova as Valentina Markham, Leon van Waas as Roland Smith, Zac Titus as Slater Badd, Craig Bruenell as Craig Stern

Art of Deception (2019) Official Trailer / Ox Films official trailer

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