Arctic Apocalypse 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Arctic Apocalypse 2019

Arctic Apocalypse is an action-packed, disaster movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end. The plot revolves around a sudden and catastrophic climate shift that sets off a series of natural disasters across the world. Amidst all this chaos, a family fights for survival as they try to make their way through the arctic wilderness while facing all sorts of challenges.

The acting in this film was impressive, especially from actor Joel Berti who played Jack, the male lead. His performance was convincing and emotive, making us truly believe in his character’s struggles and emotions. Anne-Marie Mueschke also did an excellent job portraying his wife Nadia, bringing a sense of vulnerability and strength to her character.

The film’s direction by Eric Paul Erickson was also noteworthy as he expertly managed to keep up tension throughout the movie without losing its pace. The production design and cinematography were both phenomenal with breathtaking visuals capturing stunning landscapes to create an eerie atmosphere.

The special effects used were spectacular, with scenes such as incredible tornadoes ripping through cities being truly awe-inspiring. The editing further added to its impact by creating smooth transitions between different action-packed scenes.

While Arctic Apocalypse is definitely not devoid of clichés typically seen in disaster movies such as predictable storylines or stock characters; however it more than makes up for it with its well-executed action sequences that keep you on edge at all times.

Overall, Arctic Apocalypse was quite satisfying: A thrilling ride from start till end mixed with great performances you just cannot miss – but don’t expect it to win any awards for originality!

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Release : 2019-08-07

Genre : Action, Science Fiction

Runtime : 88

Home Page :

Company : Syfy, The Asylum

Cast : Joel Berti as Mark, Jennifer Lee Wiggins as Helen, Lauren Esposito as Brie, Charles Townsend as Tyler, Anna Christensen as Aliyah

Arctic Apocalypse – Official Trailer official trailer

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