Amityville Vampire 2021 Movie Review

Title: Amityville Vampire (2021) – A Spine-Chilling Delight

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Amityville Vampire, a chilling horror film set within the notorious Amityville house, offers a twisted take on the classic vampire narrative. While the film boasts a unique premise and some commendable elements, it falls short in certain areas, ultimately hindering its potential.

The plot takes us on a terrifying journey as we follow a family that moves into the infamous Amityville house, unknowingly awakening a malevolent vampire. With each passing night, the family is tormented by supernatural occurrences and their lives become intertwined with dark secrets from the house’s history. While the concept is intriguing and fresh, the execution lacks depth. The pacing feels inconsistent at times, with certain moments dragging while others rush by without sufficient exploration.

The standout aspect of Amityville Vampire is undoubtedly its performances. The cast brings an eerie authenticity to their roles, particularly Sarah Harper as Emma, who delivers a captivating portrayal of fear and vulnerability. The chemistry between the characters adds believability to their relationships and enhances our emotional investment in their plight.

Credit must also be given to director John Marshall for his ability to create an atmosphere of creeping dread throughout the film. The use of shadows and dim lighting conveys an unsettling ambiance that keeps audiences on edge. However, there are missed opportunities where suspense could have been heightened even further through tighter direction.

The haunting score helps amplify the tension on-screen and adds depth to key moments. It perfectly complements the eerie visuals and effectively intensifies our emotional reactions during crucial scenes.

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Cinematography in Amityville Vampire showcases some truly atmospheric shots that immerse us in this chilling world. The production design successfully recreates the sinister charm of the iconic Amityville house while also incorporating modern twists. Special effects are utilized sparingly but effectively when needed most, creating spine-tingling visuals that leave a lasting impression.

The film’s editing maintains a decent pace, but there are instances where tighter cuts could have enhanced the suspense and improved the overall flow. Additionally, some dialogues feel forced or cliché, diminishing the impact of certain dramatic moments.

What truly resonates and distinguishes Amityville Vampire is its ability to elicit fear and discomfort. The sheer terror experienced by the characters becomes palpable, leaving viewers with an unsettling feeling that lingers long after the credits roll. However, it is disappointing that the movie fails to fully capitalize on this sensation due to its uneven plot development.

In conclusion, Amityville Vampire is a chilling horror film that captivates with its unique premise, commendable performances, and haunting atmosphere. While it falls short in certain areas such as plot depth and inconsistent pacing, it manages to create an emotional connection through fear-inducing sequences. If you’re a fan of vampire horror and appreciate atmospheric storytelling over intricately woven narratives, Amityville Vampire will surely provide an eerie thrill ride that will leave you looking over your shoulder in the dark.

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Amityville Vampire 2021

Release : 2021-06-14
Genre : Horror
Runtime : 92
Home Page :
IMDb Page :
Company :
Cast : Veronica Farren as Gloria, Tuesday Grant as Lisa, Margaux Leigh Hamilton as Silvia, Laura Meadows as Suzie, Haillye Young Miller as Chastity
Tagline: Their thirst is the curse
Overview : Young women succumb to an ancient vampire curse at Red Moon Lake.

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