Aberdeen 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: Aberdeen 2019

As a movie enthusiast, I recently watched the film “Aberdeen” and it left me feeling quite conflicted. Directed by Pang Ho-Cheung, this movie explores the complexities and tensions that arise within a dysfunctional family as they embark on a road trip to visit their estranged father.

The plot of the film is not particularly unique or groundbreaking. However, what makes it stand out is its portrayal of flawed characters who are struggling to come to terms with their personal demons. The acting in “Aberdeen” is top-notch, and each character is brought to life convincingly by a talented cast.

At its core, this movie is about relationships and how they can be both beautiful and incredibly complicated at the same time. As we journey along with the characters on their road trip, we see them struggle with issues such as forgiveness, regret, and acceptance – all of which are universal themes that will resonate deeply with anyone who has ever experienced familial strife.

The production design of “Aberdeen” is also impressive – from the sweeping landscapes of Scotland to the bustling streets of Hong Kong – every setting feels authentic and helps transport us into each scene.

Despite its many strengths though, there were elements that did not sit well with me. At times I felt like certain plot points were rushed or underdeveloped leaving me feeling confused about what was going on.

Nevertheless, overall Aberdeen was an engaging film that has something valuable to say about families (and ourselves), even if those messages may be hard truths at times. It isn’t perfect but definitely worth-watching for anyone looking for thought-provoking drama.

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Release : 2019-02-24

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 90

Home Page : https://www.cloudstarpictures.com/

Company : Cloudstar Pictures

Cast : Isabel Bennett as Mia, Amara Davis as Paisley, Matt George Moore as Pat, Cooper Tomlinson as Connor, George Sayah as Ced

Aberdeen Official Film Trailer official trailer

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