A Wake 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: A Wake 2019

A Wake is a haunting and deeply moving drama that explores themes of grief, loss, and the power of memory. Directed by Scott Boswell, this film is a testament to the strength of independent cinema in its ability to tell powerful stories with modest resources.

At the heart of A Wake is the story of two estranged siblings who reunite after their father’s unexpected death. The beloved patriarch was an enigmatic figure with many secrets, and his passing forces his children to confront their own demons as they navigate their way through the mourning process.

The acting in this film is superb across the board. Jason Clarke delivers a masterful performance as Noah, the older brother who has abandoned his family for years. His portrayal captures all the pain and regret that comes with missed opportunities for connection with loved ones.

Meanwhile, Annabelle Wallis shines as Aurora, Noah’s younger sister who has stayed close to home but struggles with her own emotional baggage. The chemistry between these two actors feels real and nuanced – they have a natural chemistry that brings depth to every scene they share.

Boswell’s direction creates an immersive atmosphere that draws you into each moment on screen – whether it’s through stunning cinematography or deft editing choices. He also uses sound design effectively throughout A Wake; there are moments where silence speaks volumes about what’s going on beneath these characters’ surfaces.

The score by Philip Klein adds depth and texture to scenes without overpowering them – it complements each emotion naturally without ever feeling manipulative or overbearing.

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All in all, A Wake proves itself as an excellent piece of filmmaking that deserves wider recognition. It is both thought-provoking and emotionally affecting – one of those films that lingers in your thoughts long after you’ve seen it. Highly recommended for fans of intimate character dramas!

Release : 2019-10-02

Genre : Drama

Runtime : 105

Home Page : https://www.awake-movie.com

Company :

Cast : Noah Urrea as Mason / Mitchel, Kolton Stewart as Jameson, Sofia Rosinsky as Molly, Megan Trout as Megan, Bettina Devin as Loretta

A Wake Official Trailer (2021) | LGBTQ | Drama official trailer

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