A Kiss on Candy Cane Lane 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: A Kiss on Candy Cane Lane 2019

The holiday season is upon us, and for many people, it’s a time of love and warmth. It’s also a time for traditions, such as decorating the tree, baking cookies, and watching your favorite Christmas movies. But one tradition that stands out among the rest is the annual trip to Candy Cane Lane.

Candy Cane Lane is a street in many neighborhoods across America that goes all out with their holiday decorations. From roof to lawn to windowsills, every inch of every house glimmers with lights and decorations in reds, greens, golds, and silver garlands that drip like icicles from roofs.

As you stroll down Candy Cane Lane on a chilly winter evening with your loved one next to you under the twinkling lights held inside snowflakes overhead, there’s something magical in the air – an atmosphere of happiness fills hearts with hope and joy. And it was on this lane where Sally got her kiss under mistletoe from Jack.

Sally had always been drawn to Candy Cane Lane since she was a little girl. She loved just watching all the twinkling lights illuminate sidewalks lined with snowmen holding lanterns as if they’re waiting for wandering travelers to join them for some hot cocoa or eggnog.

When she grew up into her twenties but couldn’t find true love despite searching high-and-low through online dating sites or at bars because deep down inside Sally knew what everyone else whispered about Santa Claus: he only travels around once each year but when he does come calling with his bag overflowing gifts then lucky individuals have reason enough feel blessed by His generous spirit of giving without question!

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So she decided it was time for her own adventure – romance – on Candy Cane Lane during Christmas Eve 2021 while walking hand-in-hand underneath hoarfrost filled branches shimmering warmly lit bulbs everywhere they looked around them both night air so crisp making everything feel new again! Alongside the sleds being pulled by laughing children, Sally finally met Jack.

Jack was walking on Candy Cane Lane and saw Sally from afar. She stood out amidst all of the lights because she had a red coat with white fur trim and her black boots crunched over the snow in front of a wreath, which shone like a star behind her head. And when he looked into her eyes, he felt that same magic in his heart as well.

As they chatted and laughed as if they’d known each other for years until finally making their way back down to where they started at, there was mistletoe hanging above them which seemed like fate somehow – an opportunity too perfect pass up! With just one kiss under it during this special time of year on Candy Cane Lane, everything changed between them both instantly turning something special into true love forevermore.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for romance during Christmastime or just want to see some truly spectacular holiday decorations then taking a trip down Candy Cane Lane is not only necessary but also enjoyable. With each step bringing you closer towards more magical moments than ever before with your loved one beside you — who knows what might happen? Maybe you’ll even get kissed under mistletoe next!

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Release : 2019-11-05

Genre : Drama, Romance

Runtime : 80

Home Page :

Company : KO Creative, Talaria Media

Cast : Jillian Murray as Jennifer Monroe, George Stults as Mark Berry, Haviland Stillwell as Lisa, Holly Gagnier as Fran, Diane Robin as Flight Attendant

A Kiss On Candy Cane Lane | 2019 Trailer official trailer

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