A. I. Tales 2018 Movie Review

Movie Review: A. I. Tales 2018

A.I. Tales is a science fiction anthology that explores the human condition in a futuristic world. The film consists of four short stories, each directed by a different filmmaker and set in a different time period.

The first story, titled Seed, is about an astronaut who must make an impossible decision when his spacecraft’s oxygen levels become critically low. The second story, In/Finite, delves into the subject of augmented reality and its consequences on relationships. The third, Phoenix 9, follows two soldiers who are stranded on an alien planet with dangerous creatures lurking around every corner. Finally, the fourth short film titled Red Sky explores what happens when technology takes over humanity.

Each story offers its own unique perspective on the future of humanity and technology. The acting across all four shorts was solid with some standout performances that really added depth to each tale. Special effects were also well done giving particular emphasis to the alien creatures featured in Phoenix 9.

While there are moments where A.I Tales falters and feels like it’s trying too hard to be profound or introspective overall this science-fiction anthology does succeed at making you think about what we stand to lose if we fully embrace our technological creations.

The stories themselves touch upon many deep themes such as sacrifice for progress and control in a world increasingly dominated by machine intelligence; however a few of them feel slightly rushed which detracts from their emotional impact somewhat.

Overall though I found AI Tales thought-provoking – it resonated with me long after watching it – provoking questions and ethical dilemmas that lingered well beyond viewing itself.

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Like any movie involving several unrelated shorts – some sections work better than others but taken as whole A.I Tales has something truly engaging for thoughtful audiences seeking intelligent sci-fi fare that touches upon deeper themes without losing sight of entertainment value entirely.

Release : 2018-07-13

Genre : Drama, Science Fiction, Action

Runtime : 73

Home Page :

Company :

Cast : Pom Klementieff as Cat, Eric Roberts as Tailored Man, Neil Jackson as Len, Cynthia Kirchner as A.I., Nelson Lee as Nathan

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