12 Pups of Christmas 2019 Movie Review

Movie Review: 12 Pups of Christmas 2019

12 Pups of Christmas is a heartwarming movie that is perfect for dog lovers. The story follows Emma, a young woman who returns to her hometown and discovers that her late grandmother has left her a beautiful mansion with one condition – she must raise 12 puppies in time for Christmas Eve.

The movie has a captivating storyline that keeps the audience engaged from the beginning to end. The plot is well thought out and develops at a good pace. The characters are also well developed, especially Emma’s relationship with each dog as she navigates through the challenges of raising them.

One of the standout features of this movie is its incredible cast. Charlotte Sullivan, who plays Emma, delivers an outstanding performance that showcases her range as an actress. She brings out the emotions needed to make us believe in her character’s journey and creates a connection between the audience and each puppy – making us fall in love with them too!

The scenery and set design capture the spirit of Christmas perfectly, making it feel like we are right there beside Emma as she raises these adorable puppies.

In conclusion, 12 Pups Of Christmas hits all the marks you would expect from a holiday-themed family movie — warmth, charm, humor, love – without being overly cloying or sentimental. It’s sure to become your new favorite holiday classic!

Release : 2019-12-21

Genre : Romance, TV Movie

Runtime : 90

Home Page : https://iontelevision.com/holiday-movie/12-pups-of-christmas

Company : Feifer Worldwide

Cast : Charlotte Sullivan as Erin, Donny Boaz as Martin, Elizabeth Small as Carly, Philip Boyd as Travis, Jen Nikolaisen as Taylor

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